Diabetes and Obesity

Diabetes and Obesity

Initial experiments with animals have shown that Spirulina water extracts efficiently decreased blood glucose (29). Similar results were obtained with diabetic animals after Spirulina administration where Spirulian tends to bring the initial abnormal levels of blood glucose and insulin towards the normal (42).

Clinical studies with diabetics have shown significant decrease of blood glucose after Spirulina administration for 21 days (2g/day) (**43).

Moreover, diet supplementation in Type 2 diabetes mellitus patients with Spirulina (2g/day for 4 months) resulted in significant reduction in fasting and postprandial glucose, glycated hemoglobin as well as in glucosamine and uronic acid levels, indicating a lower risk for coronary disease (**41).

In the same study, a significant reduction of triglycerides, total lipids, total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol was observed.

Concerning the effect of Spirulina consumption on human obesity it has been observed that dietary supplementation with 2.8 g of Spirulina 3-times/day over 4 weeks resulted in a statistically significant reduction of body weight in obese outpatients (**44).

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