May I consume spirulina during pregnancy and nursing?

Initially you have to check with your doctor. Spirulina is completely natural product, without any chemical process and admixture.

It is considered as foodstuff. It is stated on our packages the avoidance of usage during pregnancy and nursing and this is a ‘worldwide uniqueness’ for such a product.
This is due to the ignorance and the lack of interest showed by the Greek State for our product. So, the Greek State forces us to bear this marking on our products’ packaging. We declare our anger and we feel sorry that in Europe we get the most acknowledgements as the only spirulina producer, while in Greece we have to fight for what is obviously right.

• If you are under any kind of medical treatment and have further questions, consult your doctor.

Spirulina is a drug?

Spirulina is a completely natural product without ant chemical process, preservatives or additives. It belongs in the foodstuff category and is not a drug or a nutrition supplement.

• If you are under any kind of medical treatment and have further questions, consult your doctor.

Which is the recommended daily course?

Clinical tests prove that just 3 gram daily, that is 3-6 tablets or 4-8 capsules, provide our system with the 80 per cent of its daily needs in B-carotene, 45 per cent for Vitamin B-12, 10 per cent for iron and also gives protection from oxidation stress.

Tablets Available in packages of 100 tab x 670 mg Total quantity per package is 67 gram
• Recommended daily course:
Adults 3-6 tablets
Kids 1-3 tablets

Available in packages of 70 tab x 500 mg
Total quantity per package is 35 gram
Capsules are vegetative (Vega-caps), suitable for vegetarians
• Recommended daily course:
Adults 4-8 capsules
Kids 2-4 capsules

• We would like to inform our consumers that our SPIRULINA which is produced in Therma, Nigrita never came into the market without its original packaging. We are sorry for the fact that Spirulina with unknown quality and origin is being promoted as one of ‘Greek Origin’.

• If you are under any kind of medical treatment and have further questions, consult your doctor.

For how long may I consume spirulina without interruption?

As we mentioned earlier, spirulina is foodstuff and can be consumed as such. According with the recommended daily course, it can be consumed in a continuous basis (like fruits and vegetables), without the danger of hypervitaminosis.

• If you are under any kind of medical treatment and have further questions, consult your doctor.

Why shall I take spirulina?

In general terms we can say that by consuming spirulina, we reinforce our immunizing system, we boost it and provide it with a shield.
It is natural source of iron, vitamins, amino acids and micronutrients.

Who can consume spirulina?

Women, men, elderly people, children, athletes and everybody who wish to have a healthy way of life and a lift-up for their body.
Usage is not permitted for people who suffer from lack of phenyl enzyme.

• If you are under any kind of medical treatment and have further questions, consult your doctor.

Am I going to loose weight by consuming spirulina?

Due to its high nutritional value, spirulina will support your diet. It will provide all the nutritional substances in a concentrated form, which means that your organism will not go down and you will not feel weakness.

• If you are under any kind of medical treatment and have further questions, consult your doctor.

Why must I choose the Greek spirulina of ALGAE SA?

In between 80 producers around the world, we are amongst the three who produce spirulina in a protected way inside conservatories and we represent only the 1 per cent of global production.
So, 99 per cent is produced in open air, being exposed in dust and insects, but mainly in the dozens of algae which may travel in dust and while falling down with the rain, they grow together with spirulina.
This affects quality for sure, because from 20.000 different kinds of algae, only 8 (eight) have been studied by the scientific community as suitable for human usage.

Additionally, drying procedure is being handled in a natural way, without the use of a drying machine and this is a worldwide patent. This is very important, because this procedure does not destroy the valuable nutritional ingredients with high temperatures, but it preserves these ingredients in a maximum manner.

During production process there is no use of weed killers or other chemical additives.

Why there are so many variations in the products’ colour?

The answer is simple. It is a completely natural product without any chemical process, preservatives or additives.

The three basic colours which create the deeply azure-greenish colour of spirulina are:
The red which is based on the carotene, the green which is based on chlorophyll and the blue based on algae cyanine. So the day harvest takes place, if there is intense sunshine, green colour comes stronger, because of larger quantities of chlorophyll due to intensive photosynthesis.

On the other side, if harvest occurs on a cloudy day, algae cyanine gives a darker blue colour.

It is a complete natural procedure which has no effect in the final quality of the product.

Does the colour of the products’ packaging play any part at all?

Many things have been said about the packages, whether they must have one colour or another.
There would be a point of argument, if your intention was, after purchasing spirulina, to keep it under direct sunshine in your balcony for example!
Then the colour of the packaging might play some part.

Spirulina has been discovered in the Pyramids of Aztecs and Mayas, hundreds of years old, inside well sealed clayware in perfect condition.

So, we suggest that sprirulina must be stored in cool, shady places, for example the closet where we keep coffee and sugar and not in the fridge-because all fridges create a highly humid environment. It will be preserved perfectly for hundreds of years!!!