Bronchial asthma is a chronic inflammation of lungs and the most common respiratory disorder in which the airways are reversibly narrowed.
During attacks the smooth muscle cells in the bronchi constrict and the airways become inflamed and swollen.

In a clinical study carried out for a period o 4 months, the long-term effect of Spirulina supplementation in patients suffering from bronchial asthma was explored by studying the pulmonary function and the level of IgE antibodies of the patients.
Asthmatics received either only specific medication (bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory drugs) or medication and Spirulina (1g/day) (**41).

It was revealed that consumption of Spirulina significantly decreased the level of IgE antibodies while the pulmonary function was improved.

These results suggest that Spirulina can be introduced along with medicine as a therapeutic and dietary supplement in the treatment of asthmatics and thus to reduce the need of drugs in the treatment of asthma (**41).

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